How to carry on the maintenance of Beijing shelf factory
For its maintenance can be carried out by cleaning, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and other general methods of equipment to care, in order to maintain and protect the construction machinery performance and technical conditions, known as equipment maintenance. Equipment maintenance requirements are mainly 4 aspects:
1. Clean, inside and outside of the equipment of the whole mining machinery cleaning, the sliding surface, a screw rod, a rack, a gear box, oil hole and no oil, no leakage of the various parts, do not leak, peripheral cutting debris, debris, dirt mechanical engineer to clean;
2 neat, tools, accessories, workpiece (product) to be placed neatly, pipeline, line to a structured;
3 safety, comply with safety operation regulations, not overload use equipment, equipment, safety equipment, mechanical protection device is complete and reliable, timely eliminate unsafe factors.
4. Good lubrication, regular refueling and oil change, oil constantly and be guiltless phenomena of friction, oil pressure is normal, standard oil of bright, smooth circuit oil with Tianjin Machinery requirements, gun, cup, linoleum clean.
Above is about how to carry out the maintenance of Beijing shelves all, if you want to learn more about Beijing shelf, please pay attention to our official website, and timely understanding of our official information, our company spirit of "sincerity oriented", always adhere to the principle responsible for the customers, provide the best quality products and services to our customers, welcome to call us

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