Beijing stable introduces the installation steps which shelf
After reading the characteristics of the medium-sized shelf, we have known that since the middle shelf with the structure of the cross beam and plate structure, so this kind of shelf weight, free lifting, easy to install. Is widely used, not only can do warehousing equipment, also can be in shopping malls as goods placed in the role; the shelf height relative to the appropriate, convenient artificial access goods can use in a variety of occasions, and it is suitable for storing rules of small pieces of light goods, and therefore I said it is the ideal storage shelves in a small warehouse. Do you know how to install the medium shelf? Let the Beijing shelf to you in detail.
Step 1: put up a column, insert two beams at the bottom of the butterfly hole, pay attention to the alignment.
The second step: put up another piece of the column, insert the cross member in the way, pay attention to the alignment.
The third step: in accordance with the above two kinds of insertion, the rest of the beams in accordance with the required height in order to insert, pay attention to alignment.
The fourth step: the plate in turn into the P beam, the installation steps to complete.
I believe we have seen the installation steps is a "vertical" and a "in, you need to pay attention to is the alignment, only the alignment, all characteristics of medium-sized shelf can play in the work of incisively and vividly, if not installed correctly, it is likely to bring trouble, serious can bring irreparable loss.
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