What are the definitions and structure of warehouse shelves? 
When it comes to medium-sized shelves, give everyone the first impression is the first big feeling, most of us know little about this kind of shelf, if we want to engage in the shelf industry, can not do not understand the middle shelf, because it is widely used in our real life, so we must do a good job in the future, must be familiar with it. Let the Beijing shelf to you said it.
Definition and structure of the middle shelf
One, definition
Medium shelf is a kind of storage shelves, the reason is called this name, is in accordance with the load capacity of the shelf to distinguish and name, according to the principle of this division, the middle shelf is between heavy shelves and light shelves, which is the origin of the name.
Two, structure
1, shelf steel plate steel plate cold rolling steel plate according to the required size of quadrilateral bending forming.
2, the beam and the column plate hanging to assemble into the frame, and finally laid steel laminates, so far a set of complete medium shelf forming.
3, shelf column is by cold-rolled steel plate with special cold bending forming machine roll forming, punch double front column holes, hole distance to 50mm distance arranged along a straight line, column hole for hanging beam; the two shafts relative, the middle transverse connecting pipe and inclined connecting pipe of the two upright posts are assembled into the shelves of the column piece.
4, the shelf beams using "P" type of pipe, commonly known as "ladder beam", the ladder height and the height of the plate.
5, the shelves of all parts of the processing of all the parts of the whole after grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other process to assemble the finished product. Production of the shelf surface finish, beautiful; shelf can be up and down according to the 50mm section from any adjustment, easy disassembly. The article comes from: 广东快乐10分助手苹果版下载
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