How to choose safe  shelves of Beijing  shelf company

Now the shelves are very common to the major companies, supermarkets, shopping malls, with the emergence of the warehouse, Beijing shelf company also led to the demand for shelves, shelves to businesses has brought a lot of benefits, and that how to choose a good shelf, Shaanxi Albert as a professional shelf factory to bring you an analysis of how to buy their own products:

1, shelf material

Quality material the achievement of high quality, shelf material domestic should be newly original factory and Shanghai steel factory of SS400 steel in Bao for the best. At present, there is no domestic a set of strict integrity of the shelf industry standards, to meet European standards of FEM shelf is not a few. However, Shaanxi Albert Shanghai Baosteel high quality cold rolled steel as raw material, with high strength and high hardness, strong bearing capacity.

2, the structure of the shelf

The shelf column to see if the cross section of the bending is more uniform, the more uniform the structure of the symmetrical structure is better.

To see the beams of the beams to see the beam structure and beam to the column of the form: the beam to be more good, the more the better, the beam's hook linked to the column to see whether the contact is closely linked with the column, the inner side of the structure can be stable and the force is good durable.

3, the surface treatment of shelf

Beijing shelf surface spray coating should be uniform and strong adhesion, shelf surface coating is uniform to see whether the shelf column hole inside of the edge of the missing, not missing it, check can use hard tapping as it is easy to off that shelf is easy to rust. 


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