◆Pre service
Reasonable suggestions for the professional marketing staff, to provide each customer with a full range of professional consulting services, through good communication skills, combined with environmental and functional requirements, to provide customers with a comprehensive and reasonable project proposal.
Free design before the business contract can be reached by the company's engineering design department to conduct on-site survey of the user environment, according to the engineering drawings and configuration requirements of customers, design and production of the professional design and production of the corresponding shelf drawings, etc., to provide users with a full range of personalized configuration scheme.
◆Sale service
In strict accordance with the requirements of the contract for production, reasonable arrangements for the production cycle, to ensure that the production plan can be completed on time. On time delivery is a prerequisite for the medium service. The conventional product inventory plan adequate, comprehensive plan, ensure the goods on time, safe arrival. Fast transportation, guarantee the smooth implementation of the contract.
In order to ensure the engineering products correct delivery and order, product arrived at the scene, the company will send experienced engineering and management personnel, do site management work and cooperate with customer acceptance, ensure the installation quality and service.
◆After-sale service
1) purchase of high quality raw materials, the design of the shelves, the shelves of the production process, the installation of shelves, etc. are strictly according to "ISO9001" standard requirements for control.
2) all the technical drawings must be approved by the company's review sign after the purchase of materials and equipment manufacturing etc..
3) all products are strictly according to the standards provided by the company and the company standard of our company.
4) after sales service:
1 product warranty five years, life-long maintenance.

2 product delivery within a week, the phone call or come to observe the use of the situation.

3 in the installation and acceptance, free of charge to provide professional training.

4 during the use of the product, regularly send employees to visit, check the quality of the product, 24 hours a day in response, 48 hours to reach the scene (domestic), and timely treatment.

5 under the normal use of the warranty period, the problem is free of charge, the damage caused by the external force, the amount of material charge

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